„Żyłem i z rzeczy ludzkich nic nie jest mi obce.” Leopold Staff
International Projects

The EU Comenius Programme and Lifelong Learning Programme in our school

We joined the Comenius Programme in August 2012 together with partner schools from Hungary, Turkey, Italy and Rumania. The name of our programme is: Cultural Values under Magnifying Glass.

The first meeting took place in October 2012 in Turkey, in a town Çanakkale  where students engaged in the programme discussed about the history and people of their regions.

Next meeting is going to be in our school in Czeski Cieszyn in February 2013 and all students will do workshops on Music and Dance of our region.

In the future there will be another meeting in two schools from Italy (April 2013) in towns of Andria and Nocera Inferiore; students will learn about the architecture of the region.

Rumania will organise fourth meeting in a town of Galati about local cuisine and traditions in October 2013. This meeting will also take place in Hungarian minority school in a town Turda (Rumania)

The final meeting of all schools will take place in Hungary in April 2014 and will focus on local literature and art. Students meet in a town of Hódmezővásárhely to share their ideas and experiences about the Comenius Programme.

For details and further information contact project manager Ms Agata Klus >agata.klus@gympol.cz<









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