„Błąd jest przywilejem filozofów, tylko głupcy nie mylą się nigdy.” Sokrates
Gymnasium in Orłowa

History of Polish high school of Orłowa.

Polish minority school of Juliusz Słowacki in Orłowa counts among the oldest educational institution in Silesia. Founded in 1909 by Parent-Teacher Association of Cieszyn Silesia and Society of Popular Schools from Cracow, it targeted large masses of Polish speaking population of this coal mining area.  Its first headmaster was known Cracow professor dr Jan Jarosz who established a solid educational institution in Polish spirit. The second headmaster dr Kazimierz Piątkowski came from Lvov. During two decades before WWII the headmaster of the school Piotr Feliks worked hard for school and Polish community in Czechoslovakia being engaged in all difficult problems of those times.

The times of WWII are regarded as the most tragic for Orłowa school – it was closed for 6 years and its professors and a great number of pupils were transported to Nazi concentration camps. Headmaster Piotr Feliks died in Auschwitz in 1941. During the WWII 140 people from Orłowa school gave their lives fighting against Nazism.

After the war on 1 October 1945 a new school year was opened again with a new headmaster Alojzy Drozd. He led this school for next 20 years. Then the school was moved from district of Obroki to Łazy. There were many educational changes in post-war Czechoslovakia which resulted in the unification with primary and comprehensive schools in Łazy and finally with higher secondary school in Český Těšín. The Orłowa school became a branch school under Český Těšín leadership.

The school in Łazy was affected by coal mining works in the region of Karwina and had to be moved again to a new place: this time to a town of Karwina in 1993. The school in Łazy was razed to the ground.

Headmaster Jan Szarowski began a new project of cooperation between schools of Juliusz Słowacki. It made it possible to take part in meeting of these schools in other European countries. This tradition has been kept by other headmasters Andrzej Bizoń (1996-2000), Roman Baron (2000-2002), Ewa Hrnčíř (2002-2009). 

At the beginning of a new century the school moved to Český Těšín school where last classes of the famous gymnasium of Orłowa remembered their traditions.

Headmasters of the Obroki school: Jan Jarosz (1877-1943), Kazimierz Piątkowski (1872-1942), Piotr Feliks (1883-1941), Alojzy Drozd (1905-1975).

Deputy chairmen of the school in Orłowa-Łazy and Karwina: Alojzy Drozd (1964-1967), Jan Kowala (1967-1970), Franciszek Mech (1970-1975), Bogdan Kisza (1975-1984), Jan Szarowski ( 1984-1996), Andrzej Bizoń (1996-2000), Roman Baron (2000-2002), Ewa Hrnčíř (2002-2009). 




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